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In the summer and spring, insects abound in homes, but in winter, mice fleeing from the cold and entering homes do not make your home a safe haven for them MUBEDAT company in Riyadh Insect and rat control in Riyadh We have sufficient experience in getting rid of insects of all kinds, as well as mice, at the cheapest prices, as our company is the best insect control company as well as the cheapest insect control company in Riyadh

We specialize in rat control

Extermination of mice and rats

Rats are a class of rodents that are a nuisance that can be difficult to deal with and get out of your home. Rats cause many serious diseases that cannot be cured, such as the plague that has killed millions of people since ancient times, when rats enter the house, they will start eating your food and They often dirty the house. Statistically, quite a few houses have been found to have burned down in fires because of rats, so you have constant fear and anxiety about them, and besides being embarrassing in front of your guests, you're going to scare the kids. it It is nearly impossible to exterminate rats because they are so difficult to catch. Perhaps you need to communicate with us. An Insect and Rat Control Company in Riyadh We guarantee the ultimate disposal of rats at home at the cheapest price.
The bait we used was from Italy, a strawberry-flavored paste that attracted large numbers of rats and killed them three days after eating the bait.
It also protects your home from rats and rats by having permanent bait in your home as the bait is used for two years from the date of production. If the bait is in the house, especially if we keep it away from children and pets.

Most of the questions about the control of mice and rats

1How much is the price of rat and rat control?
200 riyals for one bag containing 100 baits, which is enough for the size of a villa And whoever wants to increase, the price of the other bags will be half the value
2The mouse ate the bait and did not die
The rat dies after three days of eating the bait. Taste.
3How long does a mouse die?
If the mouse ate the bait, even a simple thing, it will die within 3 days, but a customer called me for 10 days and the mouse did not die, but then I ate the bait and died after 15 days and this is a rare thing, the little mouse is very cautious, but no matter how long it takes, its fate is to eat The bait and thus your home will be protected from any incoming mice for a period of two years, the validity period of the bait.
4We changed the place of the bait and did not eat the bait?
The bait should not be touched directly by hand, only by glove or a clean bag so that your hand does not touch it, the mouse Do not eat anything tangible by hand.
5The mouse hasn't eaten the bait yet?
The place must be prepared so that he does not find anything else to eat other than the taste, for the mouse eats what it used to in the previous days, and the taste is something new to it, but if you taste it, it will eat it and like its taste because it has a pleasant smell, a color that it loves, and a taste that it also loves.
6Is there a better way than bait to kill mice?
There are only 4 methods of glue, fish hunters of all kinds, electric detonators, and the same vibrating device that repels mice ... All methods have either proven to be unsuccessful or expensive, but the poisonous taste so far is the best, especially if it is original.
7Is it dangerous if a cat or dog eats it?
Yes, it is dangerous and causes her death, as the taste must be far from them, and before that, it is dangerous if a child or even an adult swallows it. This is a warning that it should be kept away from children as well.
8Is the taste that dangerous?
No, not at all. Its danger is only when eating it. As for its touch and smell, do not look. Just wash your hands with soap and water. As for not touching it here, it is because the mouse eats it, because the mouse does not eat anything touched by the hand, and not because it is dangerous. It is safe, unless it eats, it is dangerous.
9The mouse disappeared, but after how many weeks it appears again?
The mouse or mice disappeared because they died, and what appeared again. These are other mice where the bait must always be present in places far from children and pets, so that if other mice came to eat the bait and die
10Shall we open the bag around the bait?
No, the bag does not open, put it as it is in the picture, and this cover is paper, not plastic. The mouse likes to cut paper or cardboard and eat its inner content.
11What is the manufacture of this bait?
Made in Italy.
12Can I store the bait for later use?
Yes, you can store the bait for two years from the date of its production and use it again if those mice return, or give it to one of your acquaintances to benefit from it.
13Can I take the bait and put it myself?
Yes, you can, just follow the instructions, they are very easy. 1/ Do not touch the bait directly by hand, because mice do not eat anything touchable by hand 2/ Do not open the wrapped bag, just put it in the protective bag because the mouse loves to bite the thing and eat its inside 3 / When you want to clean the place with soap and water, collect the bait and when the place is dry, redistribute it
14Is there a picture of the shape of the bait?
15Is there a safety box that protects children and pets from bait?
Yes, and its price is 50 riyals each, and it is enough for 15 tastes

We are here to rid you of all mice and rats, regardless of their number, as we are pleased to be the reason for your success in getting rid of those pests that spoil your homes.

anti gecko

ant control

Anti mosquito and flies

bed bug control

Most questions about pest control

1What are the prices for pest control?
Prices start from 200 riyals per apartment, and you can find all prices on our prices our prices
2Do you have to leave the house when spraying pesticides?
Yes, it is best to leave the house at least 3 hours.
3Can we stay at home after spraying pesticides?
Yes, after leaving the house 3 hours, you can return to the house with all windows and hoods open for 24 hours.
4When do we wash the house or place pesticides sprayed?
You can wash the house after 24 hours of spraying the pesticides in order to hold the pesticides on the ground to be a long protection.
5What about pesticides with and without odor?
We have all of them at the same price. If you want to leave the house for more than 24 hours, it is preferable to smell the pesticide, because the smell of pesticides kills a far greater extent than the type without smell that kills by contact.
6Is there a guarantee on spraying pesticides?
Yes, there is a guarantee on spraying pesticides for a period of 3 months, and if the insects return during this period, there is one visit to spray pesticides.
7What insects are being controlled?
All crawling and flying insects are controlled, such as: cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes.
8The opinion of some of our valued customers

Special insecticides to combat cockroaches
cockroach control

With the advent of summer, cockroaches abound in the house and it is difficult to overcome them. We have sufficient experience in how to combat these cockroaches by using the best pesticides with a three-month guarantee so that if those cockroaches return again, we spray the house or place again for free

We use safe and licensed pesticides
أThe preference of an insect control company in Riyadh

With the onset of summer and spring, insects start multiplying and increasing their numbers, and start looking for a suitable breeding site, so don't make your home their favorite place
So you have to spray pesticides, but we know that with the coming of summer, the price of pesticides keeps going up and so on you don't know the quality of the pesticides you use because you might buy a lot of ineffective and ineffective pesticides in Riyadh, you how to see solve this problem? All you have to do is choose a company to control insects and rats in Riyadh
We are considered as the best pest control company in Riyadh with the best insecticides and cheapest prices in Riyadh.
We are your best bet and your first choice as we have extensive experience in the field of insecticides and pest and rodent control in Riyadh, we carry out pest control work in Riyadh by carrying out insecticides throughout the recommended area Spraying activities to completely eliminate pest sites
We provide an effective and immediate guarantee on all insecticides we use in the form of:
Liquid insecticides have a permeable odor that requires customers to leave home for 3 to 6 hours
Use an unscented liquid insecticide if the customer does not want to leave the house
Solid insecticide for control of living geckos or scorpions
Kitchens always use gel injections to get rid of cockroaches
Pest control company in Riyadh
We are a pest and rodent control company in Riyadh. We have various insect controls. Examples of this pest control cockroach control ant control termite control various insects mosquito control mosquito control mosquito control mosquito control gecko control cockroach control black Ant control beetle control cockroach control. Cockroach Control Fly Control Mite Control Spider Control Bed Bug Control Fly Control Rat Control Rat Control Pest Control Rat Control Rat Control Rat Control Rat Control Rat Control.
Mice and also anti-bugs, anti-termites

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أضرار المبيدات على العمال
Many households need to control insects and spray insecticides to eliminate infestation, as insects are a source of nasty disease infections and dirt with large quantities of hazardous waste. Insects are a source of infectious bacteria and germs that can cause incurable diseases. Therefore it must be If anything, treat it for your health and keep your home clean. Our insect control company in Riyadh is one of the cheapest companies in Riyadh for spraying insecticides as it works to permanently eradicate insects from your home at the cheapest price And use the best type of insecticide in different ways depending on the types of insects present. We are different from other companies, we provide the best types of insecticides that you will not find in your local market, and using a unique method, we guarantee you a lifetime of use from Insects and mice. As we are working to sanitize the house or recommended place from the inside out, look for any suspicious areas and spray with insecticide to remove any traces of insects.

The best quality at the lowest prices

The best types of pesticides with a guarantee of 3 months

Our prices are considered to be the cheapest insecticide and pesticide spraying companies. Spray odorless and odorless pesticides according to your needs, with the same quality and price as ours. If you want to leave the house for a few days, it is best to let All doors and windows are closed and there is a smell of pesticides.
As we are the best insect control company and spraying insecticide in Riyadh, we offer you a three month guarantee. If the insects reappear, we promise you to respray for free. Some hardy insects, such as bedbugs, you need scented poison to get rid of them permanently, and there are flying insects. Insects such as mosquitos flies and savages struggle in the smoke and are the cheapest, and some insects are resistant to insecticides, such as bedbugs and German cockroaches, because they require concentrated insecticides.